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What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file stored on a user's web browser on a computer or any other device when he/she accesses a website. It allows to identify a user's device and display a website adjusted to his/her preferences. Also, it remembers a website visited and it is recognized when a user returns to the website.

What cookies are used for?

Cookies are used for adjusting websites content to user's preferences and optimizing websites use. They store useful information so as to simplify and improve Internet experience. They are used especially for:

  • allowing to stay logged in on a website desired,
  • adjusting websites content to user's preferences and optimizing websites use; especially these files allow to recegonize the device of a service user and display a website adjusted to his/her individual needs,
  • creating statistics that help to understand how Service Users use websites which allow to improve their structure and content (Google Analytics).

What types of cookies are used?

There are two types of cookies, namely: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive for time specified in cookies files parameters or till the moment of removing them by a user manually. Session cookies, on the other hand, are used temporarily and they expire once a website or a browser is closed.

Do cookies include personal data?

If there is a need of collecting personal information, it is required by data protection laws to inform users about collection of personal data.
In remaining cases, personal data is decoded in a way it is inaccessible for unauthorized persons.

Managing cookies

By default, it is possible to place cookies on a browser, however, these settings can be changed in a way to block cookies service or to inform each time about their use. Detailed information about cookies and their service is available in each browser's settings.

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Turbos are balanced on the high class modern balancing machines (by Cimat) also for this purpose we use the best quality Melett Turbo parts.

Turboklinika offers 12 month warranty for the balanced turbos, regardles of at which garage assembly takes place.

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